Saturday, May 14, 2011

Raising Teenagers

I would have to say that raising teenagers has got to be the most challenging and can be the most rewarding experience a mother can have.  For me, I have had many good as well as bad experiences with my kids during their teenage years. (Which is still not over with.)  I guess I find it exciting because of the challenge it is.  And maybe it is exciting to me because I feel like I can relate to them so well.  Probably because I am very much an emotional creature and teenagers are all about emotions. 

I also think it is very interesting how so many people who are aquainted with our own teenagers feel it is their duty, privilege, and even responsibility to share with us how we should raise ours. Everyone thinks they have the answer or the right formula for raising these creatures. However, I have learned that everyone has their own expectations and beliefs about what a teenager should and ought to be.  So often we assume that we know what someone else should expect from their teenager...when the truth is that 
 we usually dont have the whole story about what is going on in a particular family's life when we try to advise eachother.  So, the challenge is, can we keep our opinions and advice to ourselves unless asked or sought after?  Because when you openly share your "humble, nevertheless correct opinion" without being asked all it does is make that person feel like they don't know what they are doing, ....and that's annoying!  And when you dont have the whole story(which you usually don't) it just makes you look ...dumb. Don't worry, I'm sure I've done it myself a time or two (at least).

So, all I have to say is good luck and more power to you venture on your way.  I for one am so thankful for the guidance and standards we are given by a living prophet about our potential and about what our heavenly father expects of us as individuals and yes, even as teenagers.  I absolutely love teenagers and I am grateful to be privileged enough to have the opportunity to do what little bit I can do to help them develop and grow into the kind of people that their father in heaven knows they can be. 

Teenagers are like budding plants that need lots of water, sun, love and tender care.  They are our future and they are awesome!  So.....good luck with yours and wish me luck with mine!


  1. Well said Lisa. The one thing I learned is that we surely are not experts on raising kids and that you have to just believe that everyone is doing their best! I loved the teenage years, would I do them again.....hummm....hummmm... Nope, I just enjoyed them while I had them :)

  2. very well said lisa. I love this comment it is worthy to post for the world to see!!!!

  3. Teenagers are like aliens! You sometimes look at them and say Where did you come from...LOL. They are as different as blades of grass. They each need something different from us. My brother who is 59 years old and doesn't have any children is always telling me how to raise mine. I just laugh and tell him when he has some experience under his belt I may...just may listen. Until then not a chance...LOL