Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time to prepare...

Well, this is it!  The last stretch before Elder Nelson returns.  I cant believe it is here already and then on the other hand it feels like its been forever.  I guess it just depends on how you look at it.  But anyway, he only has 9 weeks left on his mission.  2 years really doesnt seem that long in the grand scheme of things but when you are just 21 it seems like a very long time.  I remember how 18 months changed me and my entire life forever, so I guess when you look at it that way, it is long. 

So, it's time to prepare.  I feel like I'm"nesting", you know, like right before the baby comes and you want to prepare for when he gets here.  You want everything in order so that he is comfortable and so that nothing will distract you from just enjoying him.  Since we will be moving shortly (hopefully) into the new house, I will be putting Michael into Bryce's room.  I hope he doesnt mind.  Stephen has his own room and I just dont see moving everything out for a month or two only to move it all again shortly thereafter.  I figure that Michael is used to having a companion there always anyway, so maybe he will feel right at home.  I think he will enjoy the time with Bryce and visa versa. 

Michael has a few friends who want to be here and surprise him when he gets off the plane. We know his transfer date is July 12th but we are not sure when he will arrive in Utah.  Could be the 13th, 14th... I assume.  So, I need to find out from his mission president this week.  We are all so excited!

So, am I ready for this?  Are you kidding?  I have been waiting 2 years to get inside his head!  I want to hear all the stuff he was afraid to tell me...because frankly he has just been so positive and happy always that I know there had to have been some challenges along the way.  He has been a perfect example to our family and his mission will always be one of the happiest times in our family's life!

So, time to clean and organize and prepare for our family to all be together again!   

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