Monday, May 30, 2011

why do you love me?

So for years every time Mike would tell me that he loved me I would always ask him why.  This really bothered him.  He usually said, "just because I do".  Well, that wasn't good enough for me so, we have had this long standing joke about it.  I think after a while he withheld his reasons just to keep me asking and waiting for the answers.  I am a very wordy person (as you can tell) and My Man is not.  In fact we shared this little issue with our home teacher in Sacramento a while back and so each month when he and his son would leave our home they would ask Mike if he had been working on his list.  And now that we have moved to Utah he still inquires of Mike if he has finished his list.  It has been a never ending joke that just wont let up!  So, for my birthday I was in Idaho welcoming my nephew home from his mission and Mike was home working on the house.  But, on Saturday night I got a text from My Man telling me that I had a special email waiting for me.  So, I got onto my Mom's computer and pulled up my email and to my surprise I found this interesting attachment...

Forty Eight Reasons I love Lisa

1.  She is easy to talk to.
2.  She has many laughs.
3.  She makes herself laugh
4.  She makes me laugh
5.  She has a mind of her own
6.  She lost her mind more than once but
     she always finds it. (what does this mean)
7. She has a very natural smile
8.  She can talk to a stranger and they will go away
    wanting to be her friend.
9.  She sang to me when we were dating. I think she was trying to seduce me.
10. She likes to be organized
11. She read to our boys every night.  For that I am forever grateful.
12. She doesn't stay mad at me for too long.
13. She has a strong testimony
14. She loves to go to the temple
15. She married me
16. She treats our boys good.
17. She went on a mission
18. She thinks education is important
19. She trusts me
20. She isn't as picky as I am
21. She is a good kisser
22. She is passionate about what she does or she doesn't do.
23. She is a missionary
24. She likes to have a good time.
25. She brings me rootbeer floats
26. She can say just the right thing...sometimes.
27. She always remembers my birthday.
28. She lets me be the man
29. She said yes.
30. She tried a Bobby Flay recipe and succeeded (took forever!)
31. She loves me
32. She's hot
33. She has smooth skin
34. She gives good talks
35. She has great facial expressions
36. All she needs is a camera to entertain herself (how true this is!)
37. She loves God more than she loves me
38. The boys love her
39. I love to listen to her sing, sing, sing
40. She is my chickeewowowow(the nickname Mike gave me when we were engaged)
41. She is my compliment
42. She is a covenant keeper
43. She expects the best from me.
44. She expects the best from the boys
45. She knows.
46. She has a good relationship with her family.
47. She likes my poems
48. She isn't hard to please.

Best birthday gift ever!
I love My Man!