Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 Truth's about Mother's day and the Men in my life

This is the breakfast my dear sweet husband made for me on mother's day.

Truth #1:  I would have liked a gift of another kind (and hinted all month about it)but for some reason I usually get food for any and all occassions from my husband...because he loves to cook and try new things.  I also had to stay in bed until 9:00 am before I was brought this yummy meal. I'm usually up no later than 7 on Sundays. gotta love em'! 

And here are the flowers and cards I recieved for Mother's day. 

Truth #2: My Man does not like to give me anything that
he can't make or grow himself ...

Truth #3: The small vase of flowers were the first I recieved from
 my nephews(given to me by my sister in law of course) 
which had cookies coming out of them
 (which were eaten by the kids). 

Truth #4: The large vase of flowers I bought myself because it contained 2 roses which Stephen needed to give the girl he sang to (to accept an invitation for a date).

Truth #5:  I had to hint to my boys all day to make me cards.  Bryce's is the one on the far right with MOM printed on it.  Which contained a nice note about how much he loved me.  Stephen's is the letter on binder paper which talked about how he knew that I loved him unconditonally inspite of all of his craziness.  And then he said that he wanted to marry someone exactly like me...except that he hoped that she would be able to hold her bladder longer than me!  ....Is'nt he sweet ;/? 

Then we went over to my in laws for dinner. 

Truth #6:  My mother in law cooked most of dinner.
(The flowers given by my sister in law again and the card by "yours truly").

Truth #7:  My father in law did help bring food to the table;)

Truth #8:  Mike made cheese cake and lemon squares which he spent all afternoon preparing and they still werent done in time for dessert. 
 So, we've been eating them ever since. 

Truth #9:  I did lay in bed all afternoon while My Man made dessert...
and guess who got to clean up the kitchen? 

Truth #10: Men, ya gotta love em'!


  1. Sounds like the perfect Mothers Day..sometimes if I don't get what I've been asking for I go buy it and wrap it up and give it to myself from me..(it makes Jerry crazy)..It makes me happy, and he says he wants me to be happy so Im just doing what he wants in the long run :)

  2. I love it! I do that too sometimes:)