Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Born Leaders

     So, I am feeling very humbled lately by the realization of the fact that my children are growing up to be such leaders. Leaders among their peers and leaders of their surroundings.  I remember when Michael was a teenager and especially as he got closer to his mission.  He was very busy doing good things and being involved in so many activities that required him to be a leader and to be an example.  And then as he served his mission and became the man that he is today, it was apparent that his Heavenly Father was watching him and using him to be an example of the believers and the doer of his word. 

     Now as I watch Stephen it has become even more apparent to me that this is the case.  And I am in awe of them and I acknowlege the fact that I am raising born leaders.  And it causes me to reflect back on my younger days as I was prompted to serve a mission and then envisioned myself raising young men who would grow up to be such great leaders.  It was a revelation of what was to be.  I feel honored and blessed to have been chosen to be the mother of such valiant, strong and passionate servants of my Father in Heaven.  In this way the Lord has shown me my worth. And I am once again humbled.

     I remember as my boys were growing into teenagers and starting to make plans for their future.  We would talk about their gifts and talents and we would talk about how the Lord had blessed them with all that they have.  I would remind them that it is the Lord who they must magnify in all that they do.  The Lord giveth and he can taketh away.  I reminded them to remember that he blessed them to use their talents to glorify and honor him.  I truly believe this.  It may or may not be true for others, but I know that is true for my boys. 

     They inspire me, they humble me, they motivate me to be better, and I adore and love them for who they are and what they are becoming.  They are leaders with work to do for their Father in Heaven.  I am happy to give them as a gift to my Father in Heaven. To do his work here upon the earth.  To be his servants and his tools.  To use their gifts and potential to serve him and to help him bring other souls back to him.  It is an honor and a blessing to be raising.....Born Leaders!

Still Standing .....Amazed!


  1. These boys are our latter-day stripling warriors..I told Josh to always be like Caption Moroni..I am grateful for the strong men and leaders in the scriptures and in the Church..The examples of those that live the gospel and show by example. Your a great mom, great parents produce great kids..One thing I am learning is no matter what direction our children decide to go as long as they have integrity and charity for others, things will work out..Stephen is going to be a great missionary because of his leadership abilities..We need these strong young men out teaching the gospel..and girls!! so fun to watch..but its still hard to say good bye for 2 years. My tears have already started, and Josh still has one year of High School to finish, I seriously think Jerry is going to have a harder time then me :) maybe!!

  2. My tears are worse this time around for some reason. Maybe because he is going out sooner than I had anticipated. But I am thrilled and proud. I can only imagine how you and Jerry must feel getting ready to send out your son! I am thrilled for you guys! It is a great time to be raising young men! There is a great work to be done! Thank you for your comments Maureen, I appreciate you!

  3. I always appreciate your comments as well..hang in there!