Monday, January 17, 2011


Lately I have found myself being distracted by outside forces that seem to take up so much of my thought and time that the things that are more important seem to fall by the wayside.  Not good!  I can see how the adversary works on me by putting these distractions in my life in order to keep me from being truly happy and accomplishing those things in my life that are most important and will make a difference. 

I think it is interesting how the general authorities have been speaking so much on this subject it seems over the last few years.  This life is so full of so many things that we can get caught up in that it is just scary!  I was talking to a friend who is going thru some hard times and she said she did not know if she had the faith to handle this situation.  I have felt the same way many times.  But I told her and myself that this is the time that we are being tested and this is the time that we can show the Lord and ourselves what we are made of.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let go.  Let go of the distractions....whatever they are.  That is when we will win and that is when our faith will be strengthened.

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