Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mother and Daughter Temple Day

On Friday, Mom, Theresa and I took a trip to the Oquirrh Mountain temple together. It is a gorgeous temple by the way.
It was so nice to be there with them.  As I sat there thinking about what it must be like for my mother to be attending the temple with 2 of her daughters, I thought about how awesome it was to be in the temple with Michael before he went on his mission. I look forward to someday being there with all my boys! I pray that day will come.  I only have 3 children. Mom had 8 and raised them pretty much on her own. 
 She has 6 that have been married and sealed in the temple now. 
That is pretty dang good odds if you ask me.  Mom is a wonder! 

I just love being with my little sister.  She and I have been so close for so long now.  Even when we were little and fighting like cats and dogs, I think we both knew deep down inside that we would never be able to stay away from eachother.  She is so special to me.  I love her like crazy (even though she has a hard time being quiet even in the temple....always cracking jokes;).  Luckily Mom didnt pinch us to get us to behave like she used to do in Sacrament meeting when we were little girls. ( I guess we have learned to tone it down...I dont think she even noticed). I just really wish Regina could have been there.  So, next trip will be to the Draper Temple with Regina too.  Cant wait. We are going to make this a monthly tradition for us girls! 
 I love living in Utah, so close to family and so many temples.  
And now that I am working on my grandmothers family history, we will be able to take those names with us to do their work. 
 So exciting!
I love to see the temple I'm going there someday...again....soon!


  1. I love you too! even though when we were little girls you use to ALWAYS stick you tongue out at me and then close your eyes so i couldn't do it back. oh, by the way you were the one making me laugh! always blaming me.....

  2. everyone knows you're the trouble maker...not me:)