Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A goal for 2011

See these sad empty shelves?  Well, this is one of my goals for the early part of this new year.  To get these shelves full of food! 
We cant just go to the cannery and can what we want there because I have a picky husband and he likes certain brands of certain foods. So, we usually go to Costco and buy some items in bulk there and then rent the canner from the cannery and bring it home to can our food.  For example this is a 25lb. bag of Jasmine Rice.

The canner is so easy to use we like to let the kids do the sealing.  It is fun and gives them something useful to do. 

What kinds of foods does your family like?
What would you fill these shelves up with if you could?
Share, share!


  1. I have canned M&M's before because in case of emergency I will need chocolate..but I try and buy extra cans of vegetables everytime I go shopping..corn, green beans ect. and soup..I have a long way to go till I feel good about my storage, but I just keep doing what I can..

  2. Lisa we love oatmeal, and dried fruit. But knowing that we can't live on that alone, I can all kinds of things, from noodles to beans, and even hot chocolate. This is a great goal to have. I need to add to my storage too. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I agree with Maureen on the chcolate. Well, they do say to store what you eat and I eat a lot of chocolate...LOL. We also like rice, beans and dried fruit. I have dried apples, banana chips, and dried strawberries. Also powdered butter. I know in an emergency we will eat whatever we have but the little extras like butter that flavor our food would be really missed.