Saturday, January 15, 2011

organizing finds

This is the year that I finally get my files, pictures and scrapbooks organized and up to date.  Mom came over on Tuesday and helped me get going on my family history again.  She helped me label my binders and get them organized so that it will be easy to work on each side of my family. (the flowered binder in the middle is my "Treasures of Truth" binder from my YW days). There is lots of work to do but it's a start and it feels good!  This book shelf has my photo albums on the second shelf, my family history binders on the third shelf and then scrapbooks on the bottom shelf.  I have lots to do but now at least I have it all in one place.
In going thru a binder full of handouts and talks that we have collected over the years, I found this cute hand out.  I thought it was very interesting and funny!

Well, back to my organizing!

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