Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Organized...I love it!

Okay, so I have to admitt that my favorite part of the New Year is getting organized!  I love it!  I know, I'm sick.  But, I just love being able to get everything in order again, making new goals and starting over with a clean slate...literally! 

So, today I am starting with my office and then I will be tackling my basement later this week.  That is my project for this month as I want to take advantage of all the space I have down there.  That is definately one big plus to living in Utah...Basements! 

Well, I hope you are gettin organized too and taking the opportunity to make a fresh new start to this new year of 2011! 

Happy Organizing!


  1. I'm trying...I'm trying but it may take the whole year to get it all done!

  2. Hate Organizing..but love the results..